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Please note, due to current Government Restrictions, the Empowering Health and Fitness pool usage will be limited.

We therefore require you to book a time slot until restrictions are lifted.

Please call (08) 8354 9800 to book your slot.

Please note – all pool slots are limited to 45mins in duration.

We look forward to seeing you back!

About us

Welcome to Empowering Health and Fitness, our Gym manager Jake has worked hard in conjunction with CHG to bring you a new gym and pool facility in the heart of Mile End.

Here at Empowering Health and Fitness, we look to give you the best opportunity possible to set your fitness goals and achieve them within a safe and inviting environment. Our team of highly trained professionals will help, teach and enhance your training regime, with a vision of providing a guided step by step fitness journey that will make you feel supported all the way through.

Our mission here at Empowering Health and Fitness is to give power to each individual, making each member stronger and more confident to control their life.


Ensuring the health and safety of our team and clients is paramount! In addition to our standard cleaning and hygiene practices we will be following the guidelines set by Fitness Australia in regards to Physical Distancing and Hygiene – cleaning and disinfecting. If you would like further information please click here to see the Framework of Operations for Fitness Facilities Under COVID-19 Restrictions on the Fitness Australia website.
You can find a copy of our COVID-Safe Plan – Record of Completion here. Our COVID-Safe Plan is available in hard-copy at the gym on request.


Each class will run for 45 minutes, with a cap of 8 members per session.

  • Warm up
  • Technique based development
  • strength & conditioning component

Each month will be set with a different training principle.

Come and trial 2 sessions with us.


Meet the team

Empowering Health and Fitness Manager and Creator Jake has been working in the Fitness industry since 2011, gaining knowledge and experience to help provide for our members here at EmpoweringHF.

He believes anyone can make exercise be an important part of a healthy lifestyle and understands that getting control of the most important thing, OUR BODIES, is Empowering!

From training with weight loss clients, to boxing, to building muscle and conditioning work, Jake has all the tools and knowledge to help you on your fitness journey here at Empowering Health and Fitness. Inquire now about booking in an initial PT session.

Matt has been working in and around the fitness industry for almost 5 years now, and is keen to share his passion and enthusiasm with others to help them reach their fitness goals.

Matt’s love of fitness has improved his lifestyle dramatically with a loss of 62kg over a 3 year period; his dream is to help others change their life for the better just like he achieved himself. While on the journey, Matt has experienced and gained knowledge on numerous aspects of fitness and general health that he would love to share with the EmpoweringHF family.

Whether its weight loss, strength gain, conditioning or anything in between, Matt has the knowledge you need to excel your fitness journey and guide it in the right direction. Inquire now about booking in an initial PT session

Location & Facilities


103 Henley Beach Road, Mile End 5031 SA

What we offer

Whether its Olympic lifting, resistance training or rehabilitation, our state of the art gym facility has it all.

Our hydrotherapy pool is heated to 34 degrees all year long, great for recovery and water resistant movements for the body.

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